Join the LA Rope Dojo as we explore two of the most famous and legendary “torture ties” from Edo era Japan.  The Ebi or “Shrimp” tie was one of the four proscribed tortures under the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan and was used to great effect to elicit confessions from prisoners.  The Gyaku Ebi or “reverse shrimp” tie is the Japanese version of what we in the west call a hogtie.  What seems to be a simple and straightforward tie, actually has layers upon layers that can be used to make it everything from fun and enjoyable to incredibly strenuous and challenging.

Master K and Zetsu will demonstrate several versions of each tie, provide some historical background on how they evolved, go over very important safety information, risks and danger areas, and have a hands on portion which will teach three ties, agura shibari, ebi shibari and a basic gyaku ebi shibari.

Come prepared to tie or be tied.


Threshold Clubhouse
11300 Hartland St
North Hollywood CA 91605

Cost: $15 ($10 for Threshold members)


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