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Private Lessons: Yukimura Ryuu

For those interested in learning Yukimura Ryuu, we offer a lesson package of 6 classes, that teach the fundamentals of Yukimura’s distinct style of erotic rope bondage.

The curriculum includes the following course:

  • Introduction to Yukimura Ryuu: Basic Ties
  • Gote: Theory and Practice
  • Connected Ties: Yukimura Style Predicament Shibari
  • Kemono Shibari: The Beast Tie
  • Kaikyaku Kata Ashi: Spread Leg Ties and Single Leg Partial Suspensions
  • Building a Rope Scene: Storytelling, Communication, Movement, and Voice

Each course builds on the previous course and students should advance through the curriculum roughly every two weeks (10-12 weeks for the entire curriculum)

Scheduling is arranged on a case by case basis, depending on schedules and ability to practice between classes.

Cost: $625