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Private Lessons: Los Angeles Shibari Instruction

Private lessons are available at the LA Rope Dojo. Learn Shibari in Los Angeles with private lessons as LA Rope. We offer private instruction for all levels of interest and experience.

For additional information, please use the contact form indicating your desire for private lessons and we will respond with details regarding teaching availability and curriculum.

Class times are generally available during the week (Mon-Fri) afternoons and evenings.  Please use our calendar to book your lesson.  Lessons should be booked at least 72 hours in advance

Classes generally run about 2 hours and the fee is $225.00.  The classes are for couples, so please make sure you have a partner for the lesson.  For the person being tied, you should wear comfortable clothes similar to what might be worn for the gym or yoga.

Introductory classes include several basic, foundational ties, as well as discussions of various approaches for future curriculum.  After the first lesson, all private classes are based on individually tailored lessons based on what students are interested in learning and what is a best fit for them and their partner.

The dojo is located at:

4406 W. 2nd St #202
Los Angeles, CA 90004