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Intermediate Workshops

Group lessons are intermediate classes that focus on the single tie, with multiple variations.  We go over the origins of the tie, its purpose and function, as well as how to tailor it to particular styles of rope (display, shame, torment, etc.).

Lessons are limited to four couples and the cost is $50 per couple.

Tickets are sold per couple and you are expected to have a partner for class.

Schedule (Curriculum is repeated each year):

January: Ebi and Agura (Shrimp Tie)

February: Gyaku Ebi (Japanese Hog Tie)

March: Open Leg Ties and Shame Play

April: Hashira Shibari (Pole Ties)

May: Kata Ashi Zuri (Single Leg Partial Suspension)

June: Decorative Gotes (3 and 4 Rope Gotes)

July: No class

August: Kinbaku from the Neck Up (Face Play and Gags)

September: Creating Rope Scenes

October: Leg Ties

November: Beast Tie (Kemono Shibari) and Partial Suspension

December: Yukimura Ryuu (Philosophy and Progressions)