Professional Work

The LA Rope Dojo has been proud to work with the film and TV industry providing kinbaku for several projects.


We are available for special projects, private photo shoots, and TV and film work.

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    Selected projects:

    Album cover art for Lapalux, “Ruination,” photo by Marielle Tepper, rope by Zetsu for LA Rope

    Jhene Aiko, “Maniac” rope by Zetsu for LA Rope.  Write up here. Billboard story here.

    Neon Demon, rope by Master K and Zetsu for LA Rope.

    GQ Italy and German Interview Magazine, with Photographer Michel Comte for Prada, rope by Master K, Zetsu, and Crockoduck for LA Rope.

    The Bulls, “Come Unwound” rope by Master K and Zetsu for LA Rope

    Millie Brown, “Pendulum” rope by Master K, Zetsu and Crocoduck for LA Rope