In January, we will be offering a new intermediate workshop introducing as style of “predicament ties,” based on Yukimura’s style of rope bondage. This is an intermediate level class and requires either experience with our beginner classes or experience with basic ties in a traditional Japanese style.

The class explores various points of connection (renketsu) on the body as a way to link different ties together to create erotic predicaments.

Because of the advanced nature of the ties, the class is limited to five couples.

Participants must be comfortable with crotch rope (matanawa) and neck rope (kubinawa) ties and must have at least one length of their own rope (or be willing to purchase one at the time of class) for crotch ties. Students should also have something to cut rope with (safety shears, rescue hook, etc).

The class will have three sections: basic philosophy behind predicament ties, instruction on the ties themselves, and practice time.

The ties we will cover:

Gote suwari ashikubinawa renketsu (Seated hands behind tie, ankle to neck connection)

Gote suwari matanawa renketsu (seated hands behind, crotch rope connection)

Gote kubinawa renketsu (Hands behind connected to neck)

Hashira Kubinawa Gote renketsu (Wrists to neck tie w/Hashira)

Jowan matanawa renketsu (Upper arm, crotch rope connection)

Gote matanawa renketsu (multiple versions) (hands behind, crotch rope connection)

Momoshibari with matanawazuri (wrist to ankle tie with crotch rope suspension)

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Founded in 2011, the LA Rope Dojo is dedicated to providing safe and traditional training in the Japanese art of kinbaku. We offer regular classes, workshops, intensives, and events to help build the LA rope and kinbaku community. We have brought Grandmaster Yukimura Haruki and rope master Akira Naka to Los Angeles to offer seminars and workshops.


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